Ripe, Juicy Pomegranates

Jodhpur_Pomagranates wm

Pomegranates are common and popular throughout India. These pomegranates in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India were enticing visitors at a local market. Many produce sellers cut open a piece of fruit to display its ripeness.  Pomegranate comes from a medieval Latin word meaning “apple seeded” and is considered a berry.  Pomegranates grow on shrubs or small trees that grow to be 20 to 33 feet tall. They are native to Iran through Northern India, but now are cultivated in a range of places.

Want to eat one? There are several ways to get at the innards. You can cut it in half and then submerge it in water while removing the seeds from the pulp. Seeds float and the pulp sinks, making it easier to retrieve the seeds. I’ve also read that freezing the pomegranate first makes it easier. My favorite method, however, is cutting in half, pulling the membrane a bit and then turning it upside down above a bowl and whacking it with a spoon. The seeds fall out into the bowl. This video shows what I mean .

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