Baby Python

Bharatpur_python wm

Now, I’m not a snake expert by any means, but our nature guide told us this was a baby python, so I’m rolling with it. Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India is a wonderful place to visit in the cooler months. Thousands of birds spend their winters in the park boundaries after migrating south from Russia, the Himalayas, Nepal, China, etc. We got to see cranes, storks, ducks, owls, hornbills and many more I can’t identify. You also see land mammals like antelope, monkeys, and deer, plus a variety of reptiles, such as the snake above and lizards. The park has raised walking paths all over with swampy or open water throughout. We hired a cycle rickshaw to take us around and then got out to walk down smaller paths. You can also go via boat if you desire. We went on a chilly day and a number of reptiles came out to sun themselves in the afternoon sun. I sure was glad this was a baby and not full grown!

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