Travel Tip Tuesdays: Transit Hotels

Maldives Plane wm

Have a long connection somewhere when flying? Check if the airport has a transit hotel. More and more airports have hotels built into the airport-often you don’t even need to leave the secure area! When flying from India to the Maldives we flew via Sri Lanka and had about 8 hours between flights in the middle of the night. Luckily, Sri Lanka’s international airport has a transit hotel and it was easy peasy to use! Make sure to bring in your carry-on what you need for the hotel, as you don’t collect checked luggage. We got a few hours of sleep and a shower and then quickly and easily just walked to our gate in the morning (no need to do security as we never left the secure area!).

Handy things to bring in carry-on if using a transit hotel–comfy clothes for sleeping if your travel clothes aren’t, a sweatshirt as often transit hotels have only sheets and not comforters and it can get cold, earplugs as people come and go at all hours.  Our hotel had basic toiletries, but you might want your own (remember the 3 oz in a quart bag rule).

Extra tip–we had so much extra time because our airline changed flight times last minute and I was able to get the airline to comp our hotel stay as we had a little kid. It never hurts to ask an airline for a hotel stay if they have had to cancel or change your flight!

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