Travel Tip Tuesday: Waterproof Camera

SC_Garden City_Beach Sunrise

Do you like to go to the beach? Waterparks? Camping? Places that get monsoons? Run those messy, muddy 5ks? Have a kid who steals your camera? What do you use then?

It’s no surprise that I (duh!) love cameras, lenses, and accessories. But I don’t always shoot with a fancy-schmancy dslr camera with a pricy lens or the newest filter. When I’m someplace where my camera might get wet, dirty, sandy or dropped I often just bring a little point-and-shoot that is waterproof, drop proof and sand/dust proof (well, within reason for all of those). Then I don’t have to stress and I can still get good shots (the picture above was taken with it). I have a Nikon Coolpix AW120  which is waterproof to 59′, drop proof to 6.6’and protects against sand and dirt from entering it. There are many other waterproof cameras to pick from, and I highly suggest one if you like traveling.

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