Beach=Happy Place

SC_Dune Grass_WM

Walking along the beach in the early morning or late afternoon/evening is a favorite of mine. I definitely consider the beach a happy place! This particular happy place is in Garden City, South Carolina, USA. If you’ve never been to a US East Coast/Atlantic Ocean beach–go! Each section has a different vibe and this part of South Carolina was definitely pretty chill. Head up to Myrtle Beach for a more populated vibe.

I’m always interested in what settings people use to capture certain photos. For this photo, I did:

Canon EOS 6D (full frame) with a 28-105 mm 3.5-4.5 Canon lens. Shot at ISO 100 at 100 mm and f/4.5 at 1/2500.  Then I used Photoshop CC to convert to black and white.

Don’t know what those numbers mean?

ISO 100–picked for the bright sun conditions (lets in less light)

100 mm–How zoomed in I was. As my lens went to 105 mm, I was almost all the way zoomed in at 100. The helps create the blur and the close-up action of the shot.

f/4.5–this is the f-stop. It does a lot of things, but depth of field is one of them. The smaller the number, the less depth you have and the more blur you create. This lens is a 3.5-4.5 minimum depending on what I have it zoomed out to. At 100, 4.5 was as low as I could go. I have one lens that goes down to 1.8 and some people have lenses that go even lower.

1/2500–that’s the shutterspeed. That particularly speed balanced out my exposure triangle based on the ISO 100 and f/4.5. 1/2500 is pretty fast, which was necessary for the bright light.


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