Who I Use for Prints


On Saturday at the Claude Moore Fall Festival, I had a question from a young man about who I use for printing. That’s a bit of a complicated answer, as I use a whole range of sites. One, because I wanted to test out a bunch for quality and service and two, because I chase deals which I can then pass on to my customers.

If you’re printing photos, think about size, material, and why you’re printing (for a gift, to sell, to put up in your own home, etc).

Small prints for my home or to pass to grandparents, especially those of my own kids–I just use Walmart, Target or Costco.

Other sites I use:

Fabness–Printing canvases, both for personal home use and to sell. Don’t pay full price! They are always running sales (get on their mailing list) and often have Groupons as well. They do have a range of other products for the home like bottle openers, mugs, signs, playing cards but I haven’t used those.

MPix–Printing flat and folded notecards and regular prints (have printed up to 16×24 with them). They also run deals regularly. They also do canvas, metal and more.–I’ve ordered two things from them–a print on metal and a print on bamboo. They have a whole range of offerings on unique materials.

Picaboo–I’ve done notecards through them. They also do photo books, canvas and a few more options. There are always deals happening.

Artifact Uprising–I’ve used them for flat notecards. This is a high quality lab that does come with higher prices and doesn’t run sales as often as some of the others. They do a range of photo gifts and I’ve heard great things about their photo books, but haven’t used them for that.

Bay Photo Lab–Another professional level lab. I’ve ordered speciality items through them–photos on metal, maple wood, and acrylic. They do a huge range of products. Pricing is high, but so is quality. You can sometimes get deals.

Bonus: Photographer’s Edge–If you are looking to sell your work, this site has a bunch of useful materials. I got my large card rack seen in the top photo here, along with the plastic envelope sleeves for my cards and matted prints and a small roller for making creases on my cards.

For mats, I buy at Michael’s and go when I have coupons and for taping the print to the mat, I use Lineco Self Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape through Amazon.



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