Shooting the Little Things


I was so excited to head to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a wedding sans children. Not only does that make staying out late easier, but it meant I got uninterrupted photography time! Taking photos while wearing a baby on your back or trying to keep a preschooler out of the creek doesn’t always lead to quality work. We took a walk through the Minnehaha Regional Park. Along with grand shots of waterfalls, I kept my eyes open for the little things like the seed balls in the shot above. I didn’t have my macro lens with me, but my 28-105mm let me get close enough. If you zoom all the way out, you can get the lovely background blur that I did. This was shot at 105 mm to get the blur and f7.1 to keep enough of the shot sharp.

If you don’t have the chance to travel or your vacations tend to be at Gramma’s house, can you still find cool shots? Of course! Close ups, tight framing, and creative angles can all give you fun, unique shots without leaving your town or even yard.  Look down when walking through woods or fields or your backyard to find mushrooms, seed pods, plants and bugs. Look in trees for animals, birds, bark, flowers, and leaves. Look on sidewalks, fences, houses and decks for interesting patterns. I love to take my camera outside in the yard when the kids are playing and see what I can find.

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