Photographing the Moon


I went out to shoot the super moon last night. It wasn’t something I had really planned, nor was I in the best location. Kids had gone to bed, so I went out to our front yard with my tripod to shoot. We had no clouds (both good and bad–could see the moon, but nothing else interesting was in the sky) and it was too high to get any skyline.

But, it did make me interested in how to get a moon shot. I used my 75-300 mm lens at 300. If you’re lucky enough to have interesting skyline, you might be shooting close to the 75 mm range. I’d heard about the Looney 11 Rule from some photographer friends. It basically means to set your f-stop to f/11, your ISO to 100 and your shutterspeed to 1/100. If your ISO doesn’t go to 100, then do 200 and a shutterspeed of 1/200. From there you may have to adjust your settings up or down a bit, but it’s a good start. I did exactly the f/11, ISO 100 and 1/100 settings for my shot above.

Here is a great article with some other moon shooting tips.

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