A Little Hut in the RMI


Almost 10 years ago, I flew from Dulles, VA to Atlanta to Los Angeles to Honolulu to Majuro to teach for a year. How many of you are scratching your head going “Majuro???” Majuro is the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a teeny tiny nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean just north of the equator and south of Hawaii made up of a bunch of atolls and islands. It’s very very flat and low lying. It’s very very tiny in terms of landmass (but big in term of ocean area). And the people are very very wonderful.

I went through a program called WorldTeach and joined a few dozen others who came to teach English and other subjects in the local schools. I moved to Lukoj, Arno–a tiny town on an atoll about an hour by boat from Majuro. We had no electricity except solar, no running water, and my host mother cooked over an open fire. That yellow house in the picture was mine for the year. It might look small, but I was actually very lucky as my host family had a similar sized place on the property that housed the two adults and 2 kids. And really, I spent most of my time outside the house anyway. I’d sit and bwebwenato (chat) with my students or host family, jambo (take a stroll), and make the villagers laugh hysterically as I tried to speak Marshallese or learn Marshallese skills.

I don’t actually have a ton of photos from my time in Lukoj as my electricity source (a car battery hooked up to a solar panel) tended to kill my batteries and so I went long periods without batteries. But I’ll be posting a few more as I reminisce about the 10 year anniversary approaching in July.

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