White Balance or Is the Color Right?


I was editing some recent snow photos and noticed the blue tint on all of them. This is a common issue with snow pictures and one I wanted to correct so the snow looked more white than blue-grey. Luckily it was a minor color cast and one I could fix quickly.

White balance is something you can play around with in editing to adjust the mood of the photo, especially if no people are in the shot. If you have people, you don’t want to veer too far from a correct white balance or skin looks off and weird. But if you don’t have people, you can make photos warmer or cooler to change the mood. It’s also a way to make sunsets warmer.

So how can you correct white balance?

If you’ve already taken the photo, all editing software has options to fix white balance, though how you get to it varies. I find the editing software built into Photos on a Mac works well. You go to “adjust” then “add” then “white balance.” From there you can adjust based on a neutral grey or skin tone. Use the dropper to pick the neutral grey or the skin and it adjusts from there. You can always keep selecting to get it perfect.

If you don’t have software, then I find PicMonkey does a good job. It’s a free online site for editing. White balance is under their “color” option.

There are many ways to adjust white balance in camera, which of course saves time in post processing. This article discusses some of those.

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