Focusing on Texture

When taking photos while traveling, don't forget to look down! Sometimes great shots are under your feet, like this wooden door on a felucca sailing down the Nile in Cairo |

The other night we took a felucca ride down the Nile River in Cairo. Feluccas are Egyptian sailboats and sailing in them at sunset is a very popular pastime among locals and tourists alike. Along with all the wide landscape, sunset, and full boat shots I took, I also focused on some of the details. I like finding the small details or interesting colors or textures that make a site unique and help tell the story. The boat was partially blue and this door in the floor caught my eye. I love how it being all blue makes you focus on the texture of the wood.

Don’t forget to look down when taking photos! Sometimes great shots are under your feet.


A Taste of Islamic Cairo

A Taste of Islamic Cairo-Al Azhar Park | Photography Behind the Scenes and Tips |

I’ve spent the past few months getting ready for an international move, doing the move, and then settling in to our new home in Cairo, Egypt. But now I should be posting much more frequently again.

The above photo is from Al-Azhar Park in Islamic Cairo. This was taken on the Western end of the park by the Ayyubid Wall that was discovered during the excavation and creation of the park (open to the public in 2005). The Ayyubid Dynasty began in 1171 AD by Salah al-Din. He expanded Cairo’s fortifications, started the Citadel, and built the Ayyubid Wall between 1176 and 1183 AD. ┬áThe goal of the wall was to create a fortification as protection against invaders. However, over the centuries, the city expanded outside of the walls.

Back to the photo, one thing I like about this one in particular are the leading lines made by the path and the wall. It guides the eye to look at all the buildings. When you take photos, think about how lines can help guide your eye throughout the image.