Sunset Over Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur fort edit WM

Mehrangarh Fort rises over the blue city of Jodhpur. Known for its vivid blue houses, Jodhpur sits in the middle of the northwestern state of Rajasthan, India near the Pakistani border. The 15th century fort-palace is now a popular tourist destination, both for its fascinating rooms and for the wonderful views of the city. I found conflicting information on why precisely blue is the popular color. Some sources say it is because blue is associated with the Brahmin (priestly upper) class. When I visited Santorini, Greece many of the houses were blue and I was told it was to repel mosquitoes (who presumably don’t like blue?). So I wonder if that also plays a part.

Fun Fact: One of the gates of Mehrangarh Fort (there are 7 total) still has evidence of cannon balls hitting it

Tourist Tip: The gift shop at the fort is one of the best I visited. Very reasonably priced, but great items. Got some adorable t-shirts for my daughter, plus some lovely perfume for myself!